Bachelorette: does Maxime regret her decision? “Complete blackout”

We watched Maxime Herbord find her Mr. Right for months. On Wednesday evening there will finally be an answer to the question viewers have been asking since the beginning: Who will be the winner of “The Bachelorette 2021”?

While TVNOW customers already know the answer, the RTL audience is now also finding out who “ Bachelorette ” Maxime has chosen. But when she says goodbye to her runner-up, doubts suddenly arise in the Aachen woman.

“Bachelorette” finalist Max is convinced: “Not the last date we’ll have

This year, the finals of “Die Bachelorette ” are investment advisor Max Adrio from Stuttgart and Austrian photographer Raphael Fasching. Before Maxime Herbord makes a decision, she would like to meet her candidates one last time for romantic one-on-one dates.

+++ Warning, a spoiler will follow! +++

Max is extremely confident of victory. Full of conviction, he explains Maxime, while they cuddle together on a bench, “that this will not be the last date we will have”. Does the “Bachelorette” see it that way too?

“Somehow with Max it always feels like it has already been bagged. He’s very self-confident about that, ”says Maxime. Because to his surprise, the 27-year-old’s last rose goes to a completely different man.


This is “Bachelorette” Maxime Herbord:

  • Maxime Herbord was born on August 27, 1994 in Aachen
  • Before she was seen on TV for the first time, she worked as a communication designer
  • Maxime had her first television appearance in 2018 on “Der Bachelor” – she left the RTL show voluntarily at the time
  • From March 2019 to February 2021 she was in a relationship with the former “Bachelorette” winner David Friedrich
  • Since July 2021, Maxime has been looking for a new friend as Germany’s eighth “Bachelorette”


“Bachelorette” has blackout in the final: “I would have wanted to say a lot more”

Nobody has ever been so romantic. On the white sandy beach, surrounded by dried flowers and dressed in a beige suit, Max gets his rebuff. At first Maxime only had nice words for him, emphasizing how “honest and warm-hearted” the 31-year-old is.

But then Maxime admits: “You told me that the feelings have not yet worked out one hundred percent for you, but the interest is there.

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For me, that also means that it wasn’t quite enough for us. That it wasn’t quite enough for me to give you the last rose. “

Max takes it calmly, declaring that he is not angry because he himself made the statement that ultimately led Maxime to this decision. Then the brunette accompanies her runner-up to a boat to take him off the set.


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On the jetty, doubts suddenly spread about the “Bachelorette”: “I would have wanted to say much, much more, but I had a complete blackout – and I’m so sorry. I would have liked to have told him more that he is a great person. I hope he knows I feel that way. ”Maxime even has to shed a few tears.

But the grief is quickly gone, because shortly afterwards she meets her chosen Raphael. Maxime now wants to get to know him better away from the RTL cameras. Will the two still become real lovers? We can stay excited.

This year’s “Bachelor” Niko Griesert, on the other hand, has already been happily awarded. But his love happiness is now overshadowed by a sad stroke of fate. You can find out what happened here.

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