Carnea fratelui tau mort

Cel mai rau cosmar al unui contabil este sa emita o tranzactie care sa permita schimbul de profit pentru pierdere. Dar ce este mai rau este cand facem asta in timp ce ne ocupam de comorile care ne vor beneficia in viata de apoi. pregnant rape porn Intr-adevar, ritmul anihileaza faptele bune! Imam Sadiq a spus: „Gheebatul este interzis pentru toti musulmanii si nu exista nici o indoiala ca Gheebat distruge faptele bune, precum focul distruge lemnul.”

Ori de cate ori sahikul sau maulana atinge subiectul lui Gheebat (care se retrage ) din amvon, multi dintre noi afiseaza atat de multe expresii faciale noi si niciodata vazute pana acum, este ca si cum suntem cu totii nevinovati si suntem gresiti gasiti vinovati de o crima crunta! Acest lucru este de obicei urmat de publicul chicotind, fetele oamenilor devenind rosu stralucitor, iar apoi un mini-barfa fest la centrul islamic, unde toti facem retractari de o poveste despre cum este cunoscut acest lucru pentru ca a comis Gheebat si este mare creator de probleme in comunitate – apropo, asta a fost doar mai mult Gheebat. turtle porn

Aceasta problema de Gheebat / backbiting / injunghiere din spate / gura neagra / orice-am vrea-sa-i spunem, nu este noua. Cand Coranul Sfant a fost descoperit, versetele au fost dedicate si avertizarii credinciosilor impotriva oricarei si a tuturor formelor de Gheebat. gloria sol porn De exemplu, Allah spune: „Nici pe unii dintre voi sa nu-i muste pe altii. Unului dintre voi ii place sa manance carnea fratelui sau mort? Dar o scarbiti. hannah harrell girls do porn ” (49:12) Acest verset nu este necunoscut pentru majoritatea dintre noi, cu toate acestea continuam sa vorbim despre altii intr-un mod rau in spatele lor. Dar intrebarea este: de ce?

Singura explicatie logica cu privire la motivul pentru care atat de multi musulmani participa in mod deschis la Gheebat (in ciuda faptului ca este atat de puternic interzis) este ca: a) poate nu stim ce este Gheebat si cand il savarsim; b) nu reusim sa intelegem chiar partial efectele negative pe care Gheebatul le are asupra vietii noastre; c) subestimam sau uitam pedeapsa promisa de comiterea de bunavoie a lui Gheebat; sau d) vrem sa evitam Gheebat, dar pur si simplu nu stim cum. minecraft enderman porn Deci, hai sa vorbim niste Gheebat!

Ce este Gheebat?

Desi pentru unii dintre noi identificarea lui Gheebat este poate la fel de dificila ca stiinta rachetelor, profetul nostru (pacea sa fie asupra lui si a descendentei sale) ne-a oferit o definitie simpla: „Gheebat isi aminteste fratele tau intr-un mod pe care il displace.” ( Makasib Muhrima ) In cartea sa Greater Pins , Martir Ayatollah Dastghaib Shirazi vorbeste despre diferite tipuri de Gheebat in lumina traditiilor din Ahlul Bayt (pace sa fie asupra lor). that 70s show porn parody

Gheebat absolut

“Pentru a striga cu voce tare! Toata lumea crede ca Sukaina este atat de desteapta, dar mama mea lucreaza la scoala ei si mi-a spus ca Sukaina a esuat trei subiecte anul trecut! ” Daca cunoastem secretul sau intunericul adanc al unei persoane de care nu ne place sau suntem gelosi, nevoia de a dezvalui acest secret de a defaima intentionat persoana este uneori excesiv de puternica. Pentru unii dintre noi, Shaitan ne indruma sa simtim un grad de satisfactie nesolicitat atunci cand altii stiu ca cineva este mai putin decat perfect intr-un fel sau altul. milk maid porn In ceea ce priveste acest tip de Gheebat, imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (pace sa fie asupra lui) a spus: „Gheebat expune acel aspect al fratelui tau pe care Allah il ascunsese”. ( Al-Kafi )

Aparent Gheebat 

„Nu ar fi trebuit sa emigram niciodata aici! Fiul adolescent al fratelui Ahmed a inceput sa se intalneasca cu fiica fratelui Haider. amina fara porn Ieri m-am uitat peste gardul din curte si l-am vazut pe acel baiat de douazeci de ani Najeeb cu o fata non-musulmana in casa! In continuare vor fi copiii nostri! Hai sa ne intoarcem in Pakistan! ” Acest tip de Gheebat nu se face pentru a expune intentionat lipsurile si secretele altora, ci mai degraba pentru a demonstra un punct, a-si exprima ingrijorarea sau pentru a cita un exemplu. Indiferent de intentie, publicizarea unor astfel de fapte private este inca clasificata ca Gheebat. gnome porn   

Implica Gheebat

“Remember how we found out Hajj Malik doesn’t pray and listens to music? I still can’t believe he managed to become the head of our Islamic center!” Although not agreed upon by all Religious Authorities (but we will err on the side of caution), this type of Gheebat is when we repeat, remind, mention or discuss a defect to a person who is already previously aware of it. Although all parties have previously acquired the knowledge of the concerned person’s defects, it is considered backbiting since it is classified as “causing grief and humiliation to a fellow believer. bubsy porn

Non-Verbal Gheebat

As though there aren’t enough classifications of backbiting already, say hello to the non-verbal type of Gheebat! A sister who is suffering from bulimia walks by, and as soon as she is gone, the other sisters standing there all stick their fingers in their mouths and pretend to throw up. Little did we know that expressing a private defect or fact by way of hand gestures or physical notions which is understood by others (makes an allusion) is also Gheebat!  

Listening to Gheebat

In our communities, we often find people believing that it’s quite halal to listen to someone defaming another in their absence, as long as we don’t take part. adventure time porn comics Technically, we are not the ones talking ill about that person…right? But according to the Holy Prophet of Islam, “The one who listens to Gheebat is one of those who do Gheebat.” (Mustadrak al-Wasail)

Permissible Gheebat

Please note there are certain situations in which Gheebat is permitted. brielle day porn In his book Al-Makasib, Shaikh Murtadha Ansari mentions four instances: 1) when a person openly indulges in sin, 2) when there is an inquiry about the person for legitimate marriage and/or business partnership purposes (of course, only to the extent that is necessary and relevant), 3) when complaining about an oppressor, provided that the complaint is directed to someone who is in a position to redress the oppression. and 4) to discourage the person from engaging in that evil activity, provided that we have certainty that telling others about a person’s sin would stop him/her from committing it. brooklyn belle porn For a more detailed discussion on each of these, please click here.

The Negative Effects of Gheebat

The minute we feel as though we may have some serious or life-threatening illness or disease, there’s only one thing on our mind: survival. family massage porn  Our Holy Prophet has said: “Slander acts quicker against the faith of a Muslim believer than leprosy does against his body.” (Al-Kafi) It makes us wonder, does that instinct wanting “survival” of the faith even exist in the gossiping believers, or are we perfectly fine with our faith being eaten away every time we backbite?

An accountant’s worst nightmare is to issue a transaction which allows for the exchange of a profit for a loss. porn gone wrong But what’s worse is when we do this while dealing with the treasures which will benefit us in the afterlife. Backbiting indeed annihilates good deeds! Imam Sadiq has said, “Gheebat is prohibited for all Muslims, and there is no doubt that Gheebat destroys good deeds like fire destroys wood. lisa cross porn ” (Ibid)

To top things off, Gheebat not only increases our sins, but it also invalidates our previously fulfilled religious duties. Our Prophet has said “Whoever backbites a Muslim spoils his fasts and breaks his Wudhu. phillipino porn star ” (Wasail al-Shia) It is stated in other traditions that the good deeds of the backbiter are transferred to the victim of his backbiting, and the victim’s sins are transferred to the scroll of deeds of the backbiter!

The Promised Punishment for Gheebat 

Let’s give all brothers and sisters who are keen on Gheebat the benefit of the doubt. The Holy Qur’an says, “Surely (as for) those who love that scandal should circulate about the believers, they shall have a grievous chastisement in this world and the hereafter; and Allah knows, while you do not know. milena adams porn ” (24:19) Perhaps our fellow Muslims are simply unaware of the promised punishment for defaming and backbiting others.

Unless those whom we have slandered and committed Gheebat against are our best friends and are extremely kind and forgiving to us, we are in big trouble. forced humiliation porn Backbiting is such a dangerous sin that only the person who we have defamed has the authority to forgive us. The Prophet once said to his companion Abu Dharr: “O Abu Dharr! Beware of backbiting, for backbiting is graver than adultery. human x furry porn ” Abu Dharr said: “Why is that so, O Messenger of Allah?” The Prophet replied: “That is because when a man commits adultery and then repents to God, God accepts his repentance. However, backbiting is not forgiven until forgiven by its victim. ” (Wasail al-Shia)

If we are guilty of having committed Gheebat of a person, it is imperative for us to repent and seek the forgiveness of the victim if this is possible without any chance of severe reaction; otherwise, we must pray for the person and ask Allah to make him/her happy with us, as is outlined in the Du’a for Monday.

Regardless of our level of piety, we all love sporting fresh breath at all times. But for those of us who backbite, unless there’s an unlimited supply of free Mentos on the Day of Judgment, we will be in big trouble. The Noble Messenger of Islam has said: “Whoever backbites a Muslim shall come on the Day of Resurrection with his mouth’s stench more putrid than a carcass, and it shall irk those who are with him in his station. If he dies before repenting, his death is like that of one who dies while considering permissible that which is prohibited by God, the Exalted and the Glorious.” (Ibid)

To those backbiters who remain silent when others speak ill of a fellow brother or sister, our Prophet once said to Imam Ali: “O Ali! When someone hears the backbiting of his Muslim brother committed in his presence, yet he does not rally to his assistance despite being capable of doing so, God shall humiliate him in the world and in the Hereafter. ” (Ibid)

Practical Tips on How to Avoid Gheebat

If someone brings up a person you dislike or are not exactly on best terms with, change the topic to ensure that you do not feel the urge to blurt a defect about them or end up humiliating them in some other way. If you know a person always backbites others while socializing, then try explaining how you do not appreciate what they are doing, and if they persist, leave or kick that person out of your social circle! (Insha’Allah soon they will realize why you no longer enjoy their company!) If you are unexpectedly caught up in a Gheebat-fest (as often is the case), then do something to make it known that you do not feel comfortable with anybody tainting the reputation of a fellow Muslim.

According to Islam, the first and foremost preferred response to a Gheebat scenario is to refute the backbiting and defend the victim. Prophet Muhammad has said about such a person, “God shall save him from a thousand kinds of evils in this world and in the Hereafter. And if he does not do so despite his ability to refute it, on him shall be the burden of one who commits his backbiting seventy times.” (Ibid) If we cannot refute, we must speak up and stop the Gheebat. If we cannot do this, then we should signal the backbiter perhaps by way of a hand gesture to stop. If we can’t do this either, than as a last resort we should leave the gossiping group, for listening to gossiping is considered just the same!

 If you’re suffering from Severe Gheebat Syndrome, and despite reading the numerous abovementioned traditions of the holy personalities and the divine words of the Quran still feel as though you need that extra bit of motivation, please spend a few minutes pondering upon the precious words of the Prophet: “The abandoning of backbiting is more valuable to Allah, Almighty and Glorious, than the performance of ten thousand units of recommended prayers. ” (Bihar al-Anwar)