“Hit the star”: Sarah Lombardi justifies herself for appearance after defeat

Cologne. On Saturday evening there was a musician duel between Sarah Lombardi (26) and Eko Fresh (35) at “Schlag den Star” on ProSieben .

The fight for the prize money of 100,000 euros should be a home game for both of them. Because both the singer and the rapper are born in Cologne.

“Beat the Star” on ProSieben with Sarah Lombardi and Eko Fresh: Trouble about innovation

That gave the 35-year-old a lot of tailwind in the first few games. Eko Fresh hardly gave Sarah Lombardi a cut in the first duels and quickly pulled the 26-year-old away.

On Twitter, however, viewers discussed less about the score. The audience there was particularly upset about something that has never happened before with “Schlag den Star” on ProSieben . Showmaster Elton explained that both musicians had already learned about the content of the third game in advance of the broadcast.


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Spectators decide on the performance of Sarah Lombardi and Eko Fresh

Sarah Lombardi and Eko Fresh were supposed to study three songs and then perform three in game. The audience could then vote on the winner by phone.

That was not at all well received by the viewers of “Schlag den Star” on ProSieben . Because a call cost a whopping 50 cents. “They spit on Raab’s grave,” Benny Illinger says on Twitter. This naturally means that Stefan Raab has been the heart and soul of the show for years.

Aha. A completely unsuitable game without an indicator such as talent but the “favor of the audience” that PER CALL has to pay 50ct in order to be able to participate.

Wow. People spit on the grave of Raab. #SdS #SchlagdenStar pic.twitter.com/RFkB6519lX

– Benny Illinger (@IamIllgner) December 8, 2018

Other users did not spare criticism either:

  • Lukas: Only during the games advertising, now additional income thanks to the calls (who is calling voluntarily .. gestyy.com .

    • blablacar
    • ocna sibiului
    • 500 euro in lei
    • momax
    • bubbles
    • riverdale
    • publica 24
    • vremea maine
    • imgur
    • gmail cont
    • ps4
    • arhiva curs bnr
    • sport.ro live
    • vremea dorohoi
    • flash
    • shih tzu
    • roman magyar fordito
    • vlad cazino
    • coafura
    • putin

    ). The show is dead.

  • Perkele: Advertising -> constant call fuss -> competition & advertising. And you wonder why more and more people are switching to Netflix & Prime.
  • Alisa: ProSieben had to save on the live act. They just made a game out of it and let their guests sing. Do they have the Galileo Lifehack?

At least Alisa’s anger should have dissipated during the course of the show. Because there should be a live act after Sarah Lombardi and Eko Fresh’s vocal interludes : At 17: 4 for the rapper, Max Giesinger (30) provided the two musicians with a break.

Sarah Lombardi without a chance against Eko Fresh

By the way, Eko Fresh won the singing contest with just under 55 percent of the audience’s votes. In the overall evaluation of “Schlag den Star” on ProSieben , however, it should be a clear box.

Sarah Lombardi could only win two games in total. After only twelve of a possible 15 rounds, rapper Eko Fresh was already the winner. Sarah Lombardi could not make up the gap of 50 points (64:14) in the remaining three games.

However, many viewers found that Lombardi presented herself as a bad loser. She didn’t even look at Eko Fresh after his victory – although he even praised her.

“My nerves are still on fire”

Immediately after the defeat, Sarah Lombardi reported to her fans on Instagram and explained the behavior: “My nerves are still bare,” wrote the beaten singer. Your opponent “really deserved” the win.


Sarah Lombardi’s career:

  • Sarah Engels was born in Cologne in 1992
  • In 2009 she applied for the first time to “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”
  • It wasn’t until 2011 that she reached the show’s top 10
  • 2012: Echo nomination for the album “Heartbeat”
  • In the final, she lost to Pietro Lombardi, whom she married in 2013
  • The couple split up in 2016


At first she was very disappointed with the clear result, but “I think you can hardly imagine how excited you are and what pressure you are under,” said the 26-year-old.

Rapper is happy about rich prize money

Not only Sarah Lombardi had to lick her wounds after “Schlag den Star” on ProSieben . Winner Eko Fresh was also well done after the show: “I have the sore muscles of horror!” He wrote on Instagram.

With 100,000 euros in prize money, however, he will probably get over it.

Premiere at “Schlag den Star”

By the way, Sarah Lombardi’s appearance on “Schlag den Star” was a premiere. www.fcviktoria.cz A woman had never competed against a man before.