Opinia | Brett Kavanaugh isi iubeste berea

Candidatul Curtii Supreme a insotit o bautura spumoasa cu politica de identitate.

  • 29 septembrie 2018

La un moment dat in marturia lui Brett Kavanaugh, disperata de o oarecare usurare comica, am trimis un prieten sa ma intrebe daca aceasta ar fi o audiere a comisiei judiciare a Senatului sau o reclama Anheuser-Busch.

S-a vorbit atat de mult despre bere. matrimoniale buvuresti

Cea mai mare parte provenea de la el: El bea multa bere. Ii placea mult berea. matrimoniale crangasi Inca ii placea berea. Nu a facut comitetul? Nu toata lumea? Bere, bere, bere, bere, bere. ikok matrimoniale

Christine Blasey Ford a jucat cola in timpul randului ei mai devreme in acea zi. Pe jumatate ma asteptam ca Kavanaugh sa deschida un Bud Light. public24 matrimoniale neamt Sau sa roti intr-un butoi! Apoi ar mai fi multe de ocolit si el ar putea oferi senator Amy Klobuchar un brewski rece cu gheata.

Indignarea, strategia, soarta lui: Totul era despre bere. ziarul telegraf matrimoniale Berea ca simbol al normalitatii sale. Berea ca o emblema a maleficului sau tot american. raid matrimoniale prahova

Se picta ca un martir pentru acea rautate si folosea berea – impreuna cu ridicarea greutatii, fotbalul, glumele de flatulenta si ceea ce a insistat mintios erau anuarele inofensive de mare anvergura – pentru a o face. Beer era brandul sau si era mandru de asta. escorte matrimoniale sex femei buzau

Beer a fost oferta lui si a fost chel cu asta. Ii spunea bautorilor de la Bud, Coors, Corona si Heineken din America masculina si din America de Sud ca, da, tipurile de chardonnay de coasta si liberalii pinot noir veneau pentru ei si nu erau indragostiti de astfel de traditii consacrate, cum ar fi petrecerile cu hayon, fraternitatile si jocurile de baut . matrimoniale monitorul de vaslui

Nu, acesti dusmani glumi si veseli au vazut aceste traditii ca facand parte din ceea ce senatorul Cory Booker, democratul din New Jersey, s-ar fi referit ulterior drept „cultura toxica” si „patriarh pernicios”. Asa ca Kavanaugh urma sa se ridice pentru a bea. chat online romania matrimoniale Urma sa stea cu fanii sai, in speranta ca vor sta cu el.

It was happy-hour identity politics, a sad hour for the country and probably inevitable, given the trajectory that Kavanaugh’s nomination had taken. matrimoniale dambovita raid Like so many other battles in an age of turbocharged partisanship, it was about more than the events in dispute and the individuals in conflict.

If Democrats were going to turn this into a referendum on whether women were adequately heard, Republicans were going to turn it into a referendum on whether men were automatically hanged. www matrimoniale oradea If some of Kavanaugh’s opponents were going to damn him for the company he kept and the rituals he embraced, then he was going to seek salvation along those same lines. He made this about guilt by association with being a bro. anunturi telefonice matrimoniale About guilt by association with loving a beer.

“There is a bright line between drinking beer, which I gladly do, and which I fully embrace, and sexually assaulting someone, which is a violent crime,” he said. conventii matrimoniale-noul cod civil The “fully embrace” was gratuitous. It was also the clue that more than just a simple declaration of beverage preferences was at work. site matrimoniale constanta

“If every American who drinks beer or every American who drank beer in high school is suddenly presumed guilty of sexual assault,” he added, we’re all headed toward “an ugly, new place in this country.” Never mind that every American who drinks beer isn’t being presumed guilty of sexual assault. matrimoniale site serios

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He was picking up on the typecasting that some of his most impassioned detractors had done — a bit of bigotry on their part, and a tactical error — and converting it into a weapon of his own.

He made beer a cornerstone of a masculinity that was suddenly suspect, suddenly toxic, a paradigm of privilege and entitlement. publi24 cta matrimoniale Thus he reached down and out from his ivory tower to Donald Trump’s supporters and, by extension, to Trump himself and to the Republicans in the Senate who have shown such profound reluctance to cross the president.

About his years at Georgetown Prep, he told the committee that he spent much of his time “working out, lifting weights, playing basketball, or hanging out and having some beers with friends as we talked about life and football and school and girls. matrimoniale deplasari timisoara

He quickly returned to that theme, referring to a good friend by his last name only: “Many nights, I worked out with other guys at Tobin’s house — he was the great quarterback on our football team and his dad ran workouts — or lifted weights at Georgetown Prep in preparation for the football season. I attended and watched many sporting events, as is my habit to this day. anunturi matrimoniale targu mures

Why moon over the great quarterback, and why mention his sustained habit? Because it made him a guy’s guy, and in the wake of the sexual-assault accusations against him, he was no longer emphasizing his scholarly credentials and playing to the lawyers of the American Bar Association. He was fashioning himself as a persecuted Everyman and playing to Americans who saw themselves in the rebooted “Roseanne. erotic matrimoniale

Hence all the beer:

“I drank beer with my friends. Almost everyone did. matrimoniale crestine 2018 Sometimes I had too many beers. Sometimes others did. regimuri matrimoniale noul cod civil I liked beer. I still like beer. republica moldova matrimoniale

“Yes, we drank beer. I liked beer. matrimoniale constanta public Still like beer.”

Again, “We drank beer. We liked beer.”

And again, “We drank beer and, you know, so did, I think, the vast majority of people our age at the time. But in any event, we drank beer — and still do. So whatever, you know. ”

There was yet more beer during an odd, unattractive exchange with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, a Rhode Island Democrat. It got less attention than the odder, even less attractive exchange with Klobuchar, the Minnesota Democrat — the one where he disregarded her touching remarks about her father’s struggle with alcoholism and asked her if she had ever consumed alcohol to the point of blacking out.

To Whitehouse, Kavanaugh simply said: “Do you like beer, Senator, or not?”

“Um, next,” Whitehouse stammered, trying to move the conversation along.

“What do you like to drink?” Kavanaugh pressed, and when he didn’t get an answer, he asked again.

Kavanaugh hasn’t asked me, but I’ll volunteer: I like beer. I also like wine. I like gin and bourbon, too, though not together. And in contrast to him, I’m willing to be honest and admit that in the past, I occasionally drank so much that I later didn’t remember all that I’d said and done.

What I don’t like is his selective frankness and the red-faced righteousness with which he, the supposedly sober-minded jurist, rushed to the fault lines of gender, culture and class. He made camp there and stoked the fire as high as it would go and as hot as it would burn. He brought a cooler of beer.