Opinia | De ce atat de multe femei albe iubesc Roy Moore

Asemanarile dintre sustinerea femeilor albe a lui Moore si sustinerea lor fata de Trump indica o tendinta istorica mai mare despre care am scris inainte, in urma alegerilor prezidentiale din 2016 din SUA. matrimoniale valcea dragasani Femeile albe s-au aliat cu barbatii albi pentru ceea ce cred ca este propriul lor castig, securitate si asigurare, in timp ce nu realizeaza daunele cauzate de misoginizarea interiorizata care le alimenteaza disonanta cognitiva si sprijinul consecvent al barbatilor care abuzeaza de femei. matrimoniale negresti oas

Naratiunea istorica, dupa cum am detaliat in urma castigului lui Trump, ilustreaza modul in care femeile albe au zadarnicit miscarea drepturilor femeilor incepand cu secolul XIX. poze fete frumoase matrimoniale Au facut acest lucru construind in mod deliberat coalitii cu barbati albi si in special barbati albi rasi, care au luptat pentru o versiune a traditionalismului american, inradacinata in mod flagrant in bazele sclaviei si rasismului sistemic din America. femei in varsta matrimoniale

Sufragistele feminine albe au ales aliante cu acesti barbati, mai degraba decat sa formeze aliante cu femei negre si brune, pentru ca isi doreau puterea – drepturi si privilegii – si stiau ca oamenii care le-ar putea da aceste drepturi si privilegii erau oamenii aflati deja la putere: barbatii albi. publi24timisoara matrimoniale Prin urmare, suprematia alba a fost mantuitorul si mangaierea femeilor albe – a fost sursa puterii lor. sex matrimoniale bucuresti Acest pragmatism a favorizat rasismul, aprofundand diviziunile rasiale si etnice intre femei, care au stricat efectiv miscarea femeilor. publi24 botosani matrimoniale

Avand in vedere conservatorismul istoric al Alabamai ca o stare solida „rosie”, nu exista niciun motiv sa ne indoim de probabilitatea unei victorii a lui Moore. matrimoniale relatii La alegerile prezidentiale din 2016, Donald Trump a castigat Alabama cu douazeci si opt de puncte alergand impotriva lui Hillary Clinton. noidoi.ro matrimoniale

Femeile albe au zadarnicit miscarea drepturilor femeilor incepand cu secolul XIX. strategii matrimoniale in istorie

Uneori, misoginia interiorizata este mascata de apatie, care, in cel mai rau caz, presupune acord si consens cu sentimentul si comportamentul anti-femei. matrimoniale husi jud vaslui De exemplu, intr-o intrebare din sondajul de la Washington Post-Schar School care evidentiaza „progresele nedorite” ale lui Moore in fata adolescentilor, cel mai mare procent de respondenti au spus ca nu au „nicio parere” despre presupusa agresiune sexuala a lui Moore si hartuirea mai multor tinere. matrimoniale pt casatorie „Fara opinie” zdruncina de indiferenta, o obraznica intoarsa, o evitare – cu alte cuvinte, complicitate. anuntultelefonic matrimoniale Este complicitatea cu violenta (sexuala) impotriva femeilor si fetelor si complicitatea comportamentului barbatilor in comiterea acestor infractiuni. public 24 matrimoniale baia mare

In the follow-up question, respondents who said they had “no opinion” or that they do not believe the allegations against Moore justified their beliefs using a bevy of misogynistic statements: that either “the women’s stories are not believable” or that the allegations are simply a political hit-job because they “were made shortly before the election. matrimoniale ieftine

The failure or refusal to believe women who have been subject to violence also bespeaks the kind of misogyny that discredits and erases women. matrimoniale tmisoara Often other women perpetrate this strategy—as evident in Moore defender Jane Porter’s outlandish comments on CNN earlier this week in which she circumvented the sexual assault accusations by asserting that there is a “group of non-accusers” who should be listened to as well. anunturi matrimoniale ziar

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Sometimes, internalized misogyny is masked by apathy, which, at worst, implies agreement and consensus with anti-women sentiment and behavior. matrimoniale fetesti gara

Yet, the fact women fail to support other women, given the shared history of oppression and objectification that women have faced collectively, never ceases to shock and amaze. publi 24 craiova matrimoniale There are some women—white women in particular—who would rather cleave onto abusive men rather than support other women. anunturi matrimoniale dolj

French feminist Simone de Beauvoir proffered an insightful reason for this noticeable lack of female collectivity in her seminal text, The Second Sex (1949). anunturi matrimoniale mangalia She explained that the history of women’s lack of collectivity and arguable complicity with their oppression inheres in the morality that underlies heterosexuality—that women belong to men, and that they form a perfect unit and union when with men:

“[W]omen lack concrete means for organizing themselves into a unit which can stand face to face with the correlative unit,” de Beauvoir wrote. matrimoniale fara inregistrare “They have no past, no history, no religion of their own; and they have no such solidarity of work and interest as that of the proletariat…. agentii matrimoniale ploiesti They live dispersed among the males, attached through residence, housework, economic condition, and social standing to certain men—fathers or husbands—more firmly than they are to other women. matrimoniale publi24 s6 If they belong to the bourgeoisie, they feel solidarity with men of that class, not with proletarian women; if they are white, their allegiance is to white men, not to Negro women…. fete sexy matrimoniale The bond that unites her to her oppressors is not comparable to any other. ”

The woman is, therefore, the “second” sex. Never the first. Never independent. And the force of this history — of patriarchy — has informed not only how men see and treat women, but how women see and treat themselves.

Marcie Bianco is a writer and the managing editor of the Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University.

Marcie Bianco

Marcie Bianco is a writer and editor living in California. She is columnist at the Women’s Media Center, and her writing can be found online and in print at outlets like NBC Think, Pacific Standard, Quartz, Rolling Stone, Salon, Vanity Fair and Vox.